Hey! I am Marc Vidal, a graphic designer from Barcelona, although originally I’m from Valls. Since I started my path in this world, I have been keen on the stories behind each project. Learning from every person and translating their thoughts and values into a visual language is what really captivates me. 
        When I first moved out from my home, I thought I had it all planned. But from all these years here I learnt that I won’t ever know everything. I am not sure what’s coming next, but I am excited for it :)


2021 - 2023 
Certificate of Higher Education 
in Graphic Design at CIC Elisava 
(Excellence academic scholarship)


Silver ADG Laus
ADG - FAD 2023


ADG-LAUS Estudiants by Latent
Terrassa, 2023


2023 Jun - Now 
Graphic Designer at Requena Office 

2023 Feb - May 

Internship at Requena Office

2022 Jun - Set 
Internship at Slow Artworks